Actress Suraksha Pant and actor Manav Subedi did Tikatalo, marriage tomorrow

Surakshya Panta

Actress Suraksha Pant and actor Manav Subedi got engaged on the day before the wedding i.e. Wednesday. They exchanged rings with each other in the presence of family members from both parties. Suraksha posted a picture after the tirade on social media and wrote, ‘A new chapter is starting today. We are very happy. Please bless me.’ 

Tomorrow, Thursday, their wedding will be held at Sauraha in Chitwan. Suraksha and Manav, who are about to turn their love relationship into marriage for the past 6 years, have also collaborated in some music videos. Suraksha, who made her debut as an actress with the film ‘Suskera’ after studying engineering, has acted in films such as ‘Bhaire’, ‘Gopi’, ‘Changa Chet’, ‘Aama’, ‘Dhanpati’, ‘Ke Ghar Ke Dera’.

Similarly, Manav, who made his debut as an actor with the film ‘Antral’, has also worked in the films ‘Nepathya’, ‘Chini Kam Rang Kada’. After completing his bachelor’s degree from Oscar Film College, he entered the film industry and has also given his voice in songs such as ‘Paisa Falne Bot’, ‘Ankhama Tore’ etc. Besides, Manav has also directed some music videos including the popular song ‘Kalo Kesama Relimai’.

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