The dialogue of ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ is going viral on Tiktok

Tiktok App, which has made a strong hold in the world, has also taken Nepal into its grip. Whether it is a village or a city, wherever there is internet access, the Tik Tok app is mandatory on everyone’s mobile phone. Now Tiktok has become an integral part of Nepali film promotion. If the dialogues of the song or trailer/teaser are all over the Tiktok, it will help the promotion of the film a lot.

Dhiraj Magar

However, if the songs and dialogues of the film go viral on Tik Tok, the film will also become a hit. There are many examples of movies with songs that were hits on Tik Tok breaking the box office. The success and failure of the film is determined by the content and not by the views and likes of Tiktok. However, Tiktok is an effective way to convey information about the film to a large audience. 

Currently, a dialogue from the movie ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ is going viral on Tik Tok. In the public teaser on Friday, hero Dhiraj Magar said, ‘I know father, the path I have chosen is not easy. However, I also know that my dream is different and not wrong. It also played a role in building the hype of the film.

In this dialogue, ticktocks have been made in separate and distinct styles. Director Rensha Vanthawa Rai is happy after the dialogue in the teaser went viral on Tiktok. She says, ‘The audience has liked what we have tried to say through the teaser. It is a pleasure to touch the audience with the dialogue itself. Along with this, we will not let the increased expectations of the audience towards the film decrease.’ 

The film produced by Icore Films is based on the subject of dance. Since director Rai is a choreographer himself, she also raised the subject of dance. Apart from Dhiraj Magar, the film also stars Jasita Gurung, Arun Chhetri, Prem Subba and others. This is probably the first dance drama made in Nepal. Dhiraj and Jasita learned dance for about a year for the film.

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