Sharad and I have immense love and respect: Nisha Adhikari

Sharad Vesawkar and Nisha Adhikari

After actress Nisha Adhikari filed a divorce case against her husband and cricketer Sharad Bheshwakar in the Kathmandu District Court, their relationship seems to be in crisis. However, she has not filed a divorce case. The court has ordered to show the distribution of Sharad’s property in the case filed by him demanding that even his minor son (Yuwan) be given a partial share. 

After various criticisms and comments were made about filing anshbanda case against Sharad, Nisha wrote a long status on Facebook on Monday and mentioned that there is immense love and respect between Sharad, her son and herself. She wrote, ‘I am neither in favor of hiding nor in favor of reminding. This is our private matter and we are dealing with these things in a good way with maturity and compassion.’

Nisha Adhikari

After being in love for a long time, they got married on June 16, 2074. On June 5, 2075, Nisha gave birth to a son as her first child in America. It is said that Nisha and Sharad have been living separately for one and a half years. Nisha had filed an anshbanda case against Sharad, based on the legal provision that the wife can demand share even without breaking the relationship.

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