Nepal Airlines’ first female-led international flight lands in Dubai

Pilot Bhawana Pant and co-pilot Shreejana Rawat fly a Nepal Airlines plane from Kathmandu to Dubai on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

Kathmandu, March 6

Two female pilots Nepal Airlines have made an international flight, for the first time in the history of Nepal Airlines Corporation.

Pilot Bhawana Pant and co-pilot Shreejana Rawat flew together on the national flag carrier to Dubai from Kathmandu on Saturday night, according to Archana Khadka, a spokeswoman for the corporation.

Spokesperson Khadka said: “Pilots Bhawana Panta and Shreejana Rawat made the international flight together for the first time in the corporation’s history. There is already a record of exclusively female pilots who fly the plane, but on international flights, it is the first for the corporation.”

According to the corporation, the female pilot duo took off from Tribhuvan International Airport at 11:00 pm flying the corporation’s Airbus A-320 aircraft. They are scheduled to fly home next Wednesday, marking International Women’s Day.

His flight will have an all-female cabin crew, it has been shared.

It is said that there are currently five female pilots flying various aircraft (narrow-body and wide-body) of the corporation.

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