Manisha Koirala’s heart was broken by Nana Patekar’s betrayal, this beautiful actress came in between

Nana Patekar-Manisha Koirala Breakup: When the stars of the film world get arrested in whose love, nothing can be said. This is exactly what happened with Bollywood’s famous actress Manisha Koirala, who fell in love with actor Nana Patekar while working together in the film. At one time both were very serious about each other and Manisha had started cherishing dreams of marriage with Nana. Then a beautiful actress came between the two and Nana’s infidelity broke Manisha’s heart. Who was that actress, because of which there was a rift in the relationship between Nana and Manisha, let’s know.

My heart fell on 20 years younger Manisha
Manisha and Nana fell in love while working together in the 1996 film ‘Agnisakshi’. Nana Patekar was married at that time and the actress was 20 years younger than him. However, due to poor relations with his wife, Nana lived separately from him. After doing many films together, the news of Nana and Manisha’s affair came to the fore. However, neither of them ever accepted their relationship officially. But it is said that Manisha wanted to marry Nana.

Ayesha Julka came in the middle
It is said that at that time Nana was not at all in the mood for marriage, due to which there were several quarrels between the two. But in the midst of these quarrels, when Nana’s name started being associated with Bollywood actress Ayesha Julka, the anger of the actress reached the seventh sky. According to media reports, because of Ayesha, there was a lot of fight between Nana and Manisha, after which Manisha herself broke up with Nana Patekar and parted ways forever.

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