After 31 years, ‘Kasturi’ is being digitalized and exhibited

movie Kasturi

The film that was screened in 2048 was ‘Kasturi’. People doing business in Britain made the film together. The main producer of the film was Vinod Manandhar. This is also the first Nepali film to be shot in Britain. However, the film did not perform well in the domestic market. Now this film is being digitized after 31 years and is being shown again. 

Producer Manandhar and actress Karishma Manandhar, who reached London on the occasion of a festival, are screening the film in South Harrow, UK on Sunday. In a video message, both of them informed that ‘Kasturi’ has been digitized and made a new one and invited Nepalis living in UK to watch the film. The Manandhar couple is preparing to screen this film in Nepal as well.

‘Kasturi’ is special in two ways. Firstly, this is the first Nepali film shot in a foreign land. Producer Manandhar shot the film in Britain at a time when there were problems and difficulties in shooting in Nepal. As a result, the cost of the film also increased. Secondly, Vinod and Karishma became close to each other through this film and later got married. 

Written and directed by Kiran Pradhan, ‘Kasturi’ stars Karishma Manandhar, Ajay Shekhar, Shubhadra Adhikari, Santosh Pant, Madandas Shrestha, Gautam Ratna Tuladhar, Parvati Adhikari, Vinod Manandhar etc. Along with Manandhar, the film was produced by Hari Vivar Karki, Nreem Pradhan, Hari Thapa, Dhruv KC. Cinematography by Gauri Shankar Dhuju, the film is directed by Rajendra Khadgi.

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