‘Phoulbari’ made the sluggish market active

The market of Nepali films, which has slowed down since last November, has been made active by last week’s film ‘Phoolbari’ to a large extent. This film has attracted the family audience in the context of the sinking of the films of star actors. However, the business of the film is not aggressive. Although the film does well with the audience on public holidays, it is average on other days. 

In the first week on Saturday, the movie was almost house full across the country. The film also did good business during the holidays of Democracy Day and Gyalpo Lhochar. Similarly, on Saturday of the second week, most of the multiplexes in the capital were full house. The situation was similar in Mofsal. By Saturday of the second week, the film has earned around 3 crores in the domestic market.

fulbari movie

‘Word of mouth’ is an important reason why ‘Phoolbari’ did not have much impact on the earnings of ‘Phoolbari’ despite Hollywood and Bollywood films like ‘Pathan’, ‘Shahezada’, ‘Sword Art’, ‘Ant Man’, ‘Selfie’. Since two big Nepali films ‘Chadke 2’ and ‘Chhakka Panja 4’ are scheduled to be released from February 19th, the film will be able to keep its good earnings until the previous day. 

The direction of ‘Kabaddi’ director Rambabu Gurung, the performances of popular actors like Bipin Karki, Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki, the popularity gained by the song ‘Maya Raich Ra’ also seems to have played a role in pulling the audience to the hall. This film is likely to secure investment from the domestic market. In the current situation, securing investment for a film is also a very big achievement.

‘Phoolbari’ has picked up the story within the family. The film explains the responsibility and duty of children towards their parents. Although the plot is similar to the Bollywood film ‘Baghwan’, director Gurung has made a film that suits the Nepali society and environment. So that in some part of the film, the audience can find the story inside their home. Hero Bipin Karki is the backbone of this film.

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