‘Parastri’ left on February 19 and arrived on June 15.

parastri movie

The film ‘Parastri’, which was supposed to be released on February 19, has been postponed by four months. After two big Nepali films ‘Chadke 2’ and ‘Chakka Panja 4’ will be released on the pre-announced date, the production side has announced a new screening date on the 15th of June. Sharmila Pandey produced the film directed by Suraj Pandey, the actor of the film ‘Love Love Love’. 

Director Dipendra K. who gave critically and commercially successful films like ‘Pashupati Prasad’, ‘Aama’. Khanal wrote the story of ‘Parastri’. Produced under the banner of DS Digital, the film has Shreyad Chhetri, Shilpa Maske, Gaurav Bista, Alisa Chhetri, Ashant Sharma and others in lead roles. Suraj made a leap into directing with this film. Sharmila is his mother.

The film was shot by Niraj Pandey. It is said that the film, which is made in the thriller genre, is based on the story of a married man’s affair. Khanal, the writer of the film, claimed that he did not interfere in the direction of Suraj and said that he was very satisfied with his work. He said that Suraj shot a single scene without compromising.

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