Neeti completed a three-month acting course, ready for her film debut

niti shah

Fashion model Neeti Shah started learning acting from actor and director Anup Baral’s ‘Actors Studio’ from last month for her film debut. She completed the three-month course on Friday. She posted pictures taken during her acting lessons on Instagram and said that 3 months with ‘Actors Studio’ was the most wonderful time of her life. 

In a meeting some time ago, Anup Baral said that he saw good potential in politics and was serious about acting. Neeti signed a contract for the film ‘Kamino’ while she was learning acting. Before choosing him in this film, director Deepak Wali had given him some dialogues and asked him to act. After Neeti acted well in it, she was signed in the film.

Soon she will be participating in the workshop of ‘Kamino’. Artist Bholaraj Sapkota will conduct the one-week long workshop. In this film, Neeti is paired with actor Pradeep Khadka. Although they have worked together in some commercials before, this is the first time that the couple is going to tie the knot in the film. The audience has been waiting for a long time to see both of them together on the big screen. 

Based on the agreement, ‘Kamino’ is the third film of Neeti. She signed ‘Hututu’ as her first film and ‘X9’ as her second film. While the production of ‘Hututu’ is in doubt, the shooting of ‘X9’ is set to start from next May. In this too, his pair will be tied with Pradeep. After rejecting film offers for a long time, she is now thinking of making a career in films.

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