In the upcoming Dashain, ‘Paradeshi 2’!

Pardeshi 2

Like ‘Ghumifiri Rumjatar’, the movie ‘Pardeshi 2’, which has skipped this year’s Dashain, is now seen to be screened in the upcoming Dashain. Leaving Dashain, the new release date of the film was set for February 5th. However, the film was not screened on this date either. As the story of the film is connected with Dashain, reliable sources have informed that the production team is now in a state of mind to perform on the upcoming Dashain. 

It is understood that director Narayan Rayamazhi is preparing to shoot some more parts of the film to be shown in the coming Dashain. It has not been decided on which date the film will be screened during Dashain. Films can choose either Ghatasthapana or Phoolpati for screening. As it is a series of superhit films of 2071, a large crowd of viewers are busy waiting for Pardeshi 2.

Produced by Rajesh Banshal and Narayan Rayamazhi and presented by Narayan International, the film has Prakash Saput and Kiki Adhikari in lead roles. This is the debut film of Saput, who is known as a singer. Prashant Tamang, Neer Shah, Sushil Pokharel, Savin Bastola, Rama Thapalia, Bhima Mainali, Devendra Bablu, Roshni Karki and others are also acting in the film. 

The story of Pardeshi 2 is written by Ramesh Biji. B.B. Composed by Anuragi, the film has choreography by Ramji Lamichhane and Gobind Rai, Dulant by Ashta Maharjan, editing by Long Khadka and cinematography by Mankrishna Maharjan. The teaser of the film and the song ‘Ke Var Magi’ were announced on the 14th of October last. This song has gained a lot of buzz.

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