Grandson of Jayananda Lama in Janmatholo

jaynanda lama

In the memory of the late artist, singer, composer, director and producer Jayanand Lama, Salik has been established at Baharbise in Sindhupalchok, his birthplace. The Jayananda Lama Memorial Fund unveiled a salik on his private land at Thingtol in Bahrbise-3 Dharpa during a program on Friday. The 12 feet tall Salik Kosh was built with a budget of 8 lakh rupees. 

Bahrbiseka city chief Balkrishna Basnet, deputy chief Manju Tamang, artists Bashundhara Dhital, Krishna Kandel and others participated in the annual unveiling event. Lama’s brother Prem Dong said that the museum and compound are yet to be built and the estimated cost is 2.5 million. Bahrbise Nagar and Kakani Rural Municipality of Nuwakot have also provided financial support in the construction of salik.
Self Besides singing dozens of folk songs, Lama has acted in more than 200 films and teleserials. Lama, who started his acting career in the year 2030 with the film ‘Manko Dam’, has acted in films like ‘Chakka Panja, Jai Bhole, Kanchi, Nishani’. A few more films in which he has acted are yet to be screened, out of which the film ‘Ae Sathi Sun’ will be screened on Chaitra 10. 

Lama has also directed films such as ‘Maya Karya Ma, Karma Ko Phal, Real’. He has studied and researched in the field of folk music for a long time and his songs like ‘Kalkatte Kaiyo, Chatta Parao Chulthi, Kajingama Good, Chuin Chuin Chuinkane Jutaka, Nachyo Jhilke Nachyo, Mulako Chana’ are famous. He died in his own car on February 11, 2078 due to a heart attack.

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