‘Chadke Khalas’ song from ‘Chadke 2’ released in the voice of Veten

anmol kc and vten

The first song of the film ‘Chadke 2’ directed by Nigam Shrestha has been released. The song ‘Chadke Khalas’, which was released on Sunday, has the words, music and voice of popular rapper Vitain. Actor Anmol KC is featured in the video of the song. In some scenes with angry and fun moods, he can be seen taking drugs. It speaks volumes about his character in the film. 

Written by director Shrestha himself, the film stars Rowin Tamang, Kamalmani Nepal, Devkumar Shrestha, Srijana Subba, Devu Shrestha, Resha Ale Magar, Ian Scott Clement, Santosh Mizar, Afran Ali, Nigam Shrestha, Chiranjeevi Adhikari and Kumar Ghalan along with Anmol. The film is based on the story of three gangs who are struggling to kill the natural resources of the country and get financial benefits from it.

Directed by Moscow Singh and Rajendra Sapkota, the film features Rajkumar Upreti’s conflict and Ravi Chaudhary and Lokesh Bajracharya’s editing. Produced under the banner of Nirvana Film School, Kavre Films and Medha, Prashant Giri and Dev Kumar Shrestha are among the producers. The film is executive produced by Nirvana Film School and Laxman Kafle. The film will be released from this Friday. 

It is predicted that the opening of the film will be aggressive since the series of ‘Chadke’, which had done business with Sandar initials 10 years ago, and superstar Anmol KC has also joined it. As Anmol played the role of a gangster for the first time, a section of the youth is impatient with the film. If ‘Word of Mouth’ is strong, the film will be able to make a long journey at the box office.

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