‘Chadke 2’ distributor says, ‘Business is neither encouraging nor disappointing’

Distributor Sunil Manandhar, who invested Rs 1.5 crore in the film relying on Anmol’s stardom, admits that the opening of the film was not expected. The business of the film is neither encouraging nor disappointing. Business on Saturday is somewhat better than on Friday. Now, what is important is how the ‘flow’ of the audience will be from Sunday,’ he said. However, Manandhar is not yet dead. 

Since the film did not do business, Anmol did not go to the halls and even interviewed the audience. Earlier, he used to meet the audience when each of his films were released. This time he did not even show his face in the promotion of the film. One of the reasons for the poor initial business of the film is that the production team did not promote Anmol.

Anmol KC plays the role of a gangster in the film written and directed by Nigam Shrestha. This was a new character for him. This is also a big ‘risk’ that he has taken on his career. Because, he has created his own category of audience with romantic roles. Looking at the commercials of ‘Chadke 2’, it seems that the audience prefers to see him in the role of a lover boy. This is also a learning for them.

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