Another multiplex was added to Kathmandu, CK Cinemas operating in Sitapaila

ck cinemas

After the corona epidemic, on the one hand, the closing of single theaters has increased, while on the other hand, the opening of multiplex halls with facilities has also increased. Similarly, another multiplex hall has come into operation in Kathmandu. CK Cinemas has come into operation at Anupam Mall in Sitapaila from Friday with an investment of around 120 crores. On Thursday, Chairman of Film Development Board Bhuvan KC inaugurated the hall by cutting the ribbon. 

The hall, which is run by the general secretary of Nepal Film Association and producer Narendra Maharjan, has the investment of Chabilal Timilsena, Kishore Khatiwada and Vivek Timilsena. During the opening of the hall, along with the board chairman KC, Kathmandu area no. Virajbhakta Shrestha, Federal Member of Parliament of 8, Sushila Adhikari, Deputy Mayor of Nagarjuna Municipality were present. 7.1 and Dolby Atmos sound systems have been installed in two auditoriums with a capacity of 391 seats.

ck cinemas

Speaking at the inauguration of the hall, Board Chairman KC said that the cinema hall is a temple for the artists and the audience. He said, ‘Cinema hall is a joy not only for actors but also for cinema lovers. Cinema halls should be opened not only in the city, but in every village.’ Similarly, MP Shrestha emphasized that the cinema hall is the common property of everyone and that the hall should be protected while maintaining peace and security.

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