80 JSP leaders charged with election interference, recommended action

KATHMANDU, March 4 – Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal has launched an investigation alleging internal party interference in the general election and has recommended action against 80 people.

The task force formed under the coordination of Shivalal Thapa, the executive member of the party, conducted the on-site study and delivered its report to the party chairman Upendra Yadav today.

The task force investigated the incidents in 14 districts. In addition to taking statements from 152 accused leaders, 247 people were also interviewed to obtain other evidence and additional information.

According to the sources, the report mentions that 80 leaders who have been recommended for action have played a role in the defeat of their own party’s candidate. It has been reported that most of the leaders are from the area of ​​the party chairman, Upendra Yadav.

President Yadav lost the election for member of the Saptari-2 House of Representatives. The issue of non-cooperation from top party leaders in the elections was raised at the review meeting. The task force also took a statement with those leaders. According to the sources, the task force took statements from 38 people on Saptari 2 alone.

Shivalal Thapa, the coordinator of the task force reported that after understanding the report, JSP Chairman Yadav said that the report will be discussed at the next meeting of the party and action will be taken against the leaders and workers recommended by the task force. job. Stating that President Yadav is committed to the implementation of the report, he expressed his belief that the process will move forward from the next meeting.

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