National Assembly Vice President Aryal Criticizes President Bhandari

National Assembly Vice Speaker Urmila Aryal criticized President Bidya Devi Bhandari for her role.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Aryal said that President Bhandari acted as if she were the president of UML.

“She couldn’t make the institution of the president respectable. She acted under the direction of others,” Aryal said. She “she Engaged in unnecessary politics on the citizenship bill. Although the bill was returned once, it should not have been blocked the second time, but she blocked it.”

Aryal said that many did not obtain citizenship because the citizenship bill was not authenticated. “She [Bhandari] he believed his role was similar to that of an executive,” he said. “Everyone must maintain the decorum of their position. It won’t be good if I forget my role as vice president.”

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