Unified Socialist will vote for Paudel in presidential elections

The CPN (Socialist Unity) has decided to vote for Nepal’s main Congress leader, Ram Chandra Paudel, in the presidential election.

Socialist Unity spokesman Jagannath Khatiwada told that a party secretariat meeting held at party headquarters on Wednesday decided to vote for Paudel, the common candidate of the newly formed eight-party coalition, in the presidential election. .

“Today the 51st meeting of the central secretariat of our party was held. This meeting has made only one decision. It has been decided that our party will vote for Ram Chandra Paudel, the common candidate of eight parties for president,” Khatiwada said.

Paudel submitted his nomination as the common candidate of eight parties for the presidential elections on February 25. Elections are scheduled for March 9.

The party is sure to join the government, but the time to join the government is not yet, Khatiwada said.

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