Actor Pal Shah freed

KATHMANDU, February 27: Actor Pal Shah has been released from jail. With the verdict of the Pokhara High Court, he was released on Monday.

Pal was released from Tanahun Prison after completing the necessary procedures. He was accused of raping a minor and was acquitted by the Pokhara High Court on Sunday. Since office hours had ended on Sunday, the necessary paperwork could not be completed, and he completed the process after the office opened today.

It has been reported that Shah will come to Kathmandu after his release.

A singer filed a complaint in Tanahun on February 23, 2022 and with the Nawalpur police on February 27, alleging that Shah had raped her during the shooting. The victim, a minor under the age of 17, changed her statement saying that she was not raped in the Tanahun and Nawalpur district courts. The Tanahun District Court had already acquitted Shah in the case.

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