Swara reminded haters of suitcase-fridge, illegitimate and religious conversion, wrote- We are in love…

Swara Bhaskar has been on the target of trolls since her marriage to SP leader Fahad Ahmed. At the same time, many leaders and Hindu saints have also taken him in the crosshairs. Some are claiming that her fate will be similar to Shraddha incident, while some are saying that she will be found in a suitcase one day. Now on all these things, Swara replied in a charming manner. He tried to rub salt on the trolls’ wounds by posting some photos of his court marriage. This tweet of Swara is now going viral on social media.

Swara’s court marriage took place on January 6.

Please tell that Swara Bhaskar and SP leader Fahad Ahmed had a court marriage on 6 January 2023. However, she announced it on February 16, which made Swara’s fans happy, but she came under attack from trolls. Swara told that she will get married with pomp in March.

Trolls surrounded like this

As soon as the information about Swara’s marriage came, the trolls came in their colors. He termed Swara and Fahad’s marriage as love jihad. At the same time, Sadhvi Pragya had said that Swara has always spoken against Hinduism. Now he went out of religion and married, there is no surprise on this. However, Swara must have seen the fridge once before getting married. On the other hand, Mahant Raju Das of Ayodhya had said that in which house Swara is going to marry, she may have to spend the night with many men there.

Swara retaliated in this way

Swara found a unique way to reply to the trolls. Sharing the photo with Fahad Ahmed, he wrote, Haters: suitcase, fridge, illegitimate, conversion blah… blah… both of us. After this he made loving emoji. Swara’s fans are very fond of her counterattack.

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