Media Has Important Role In Implementing Federalism: Minister Modi

KATHMANDU, February 24: Federal Affairs and General Administration Minister Aman Lal Modi has said that the mass media have a critical role in implementing federalism.

“Journalists played an important role in the political movement for the restoration of democracy and loktantra. The role of the media is equally important now also for the promotion of good governance and the implementation of federalism in the country,” he said addressing for the UK Journalism Honor. and Federation of Indigenous Journalists of Nepal (FoNIJ) Awards Program here today.

Minister Modi suggested that FoNIJ forged unity among journalists to raise the issues of indigenous communities.

“We, the indigenous nationalities, are still behind in the management of the state and in the issue of learning. Our language and style may be different, but the main goal is the development of the society. It is possible to achieve this goal through your suggestions and cooperation,” he said.

The Minister also assured that he will assist FoNIJ for this purpose in coordination with the corresponding ministry.

FoNIJ Chairman Gajurdhan Rai said they have been rewarding and honoring all journalists who write for community rights and interests and not just journalists from a particular caste or community.

“This award will motivate those who write on issues related to indigenous nationalities. Not that a journalist has to be from this particular community for the award. Rather, it is the journalist’s contribution that is appreciated,” Rai said.

Two journalists have been honored on the occasion in recognition of their contribution to the upliftment of the community, society and nation of indigenous nationalities through journalism.

The ‘FoNIJ UK Journalism Award, 2022’ was awarded to Ramita Lama, Tamang-language newsreader for Radio Nepal and Nripendra Lal Shrestha, Chairman of Newa Patrakar Rashtriya Dabu (National Club of Newa Journalists). The prize carries a bag of Rs 25 thousand and a summons.

FoNIJ has so far honored 10 journalists with this award.

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