Manthara was in such a plight in the last moment, there was no pass to give water

Lalita Pawar Death Anniversary: Lalita Pawar was one of the most beautiful actresses of her time. She always wanted to become a heroine, in which she was also getting success. A sudden incident happened in Lalita’s life, which changed everything and her dream of becoming a heroine was shattered.

This accident broke every dream

It is about the year 1942. The shooting of the film Jung-e-Azadi was going on. In the film, co-star Bhagwan Dada had to slap Lalita Pawar for the scene. It is said that this slap was very strong, due to which Lalita’s eardrum was torn and her eye was also damaged. At the same time, due to wrong treatment, the situation worsened and a part of Lalita’s body became a victim of paralysis.

Lalita did not lose courage

Everyone may break down after such a big accident, but Lalita did not lose courage. She took time to recover from the accident, but she returned to the film world. The dream of becoming a heroine was shattered. In such a situation, Lalita turned towards the character role.

Ramayana changed life

Please tell that Lalita Pawar got her real identity from Ramanand Sagar’s mythological serial Ramayana. In this show, she played the character of Manthara and breathed life into it, which is remembered till date. However, this character itself became her identity forever.

life has done many things

Despite breaking the dream of life, Lalita stood courageously and saw many ups and downs in her personal life. Actually, she was married to Ganpatrao Pawar, who cheated. Ganpat fell in love with Lalita’s younger sister. After this Lalita married Rajprakash Gupta.

last time was bad

In Lalita’s life, the company of difficulties was like a bodice. She came under the grip of oral cancer, which was being treated in a hospital in Pune. Her last time was very bad. Actually, when Lalita breathed her last, she was alone in her bungalow and her husband was admitted in the hospital. At that time there was no one to give water to Lalita and she died on 24 February 1988. The information about its news was known after three days. In fact, when the police broke open the bungalow’s door, their three-day-old body was found.

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