After Alia Bhatt’s photo leak case, Zeenat expressed her opinion on the privacy issue of celebs, said this

Zeenat Aman Post: Veteran actress Zeenat Aman often shares stories and pictures of her decades-long career on social media. The actress has shared a picture of herself in her latest post and has also written such a caption that it seems that she has mentioned Alia Bhatt only. Although Zeenat has not written the name of ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ actress in her post.

In fact, recently a case of surreptitiously taking photographs of Alia Bhatt from her living room had come to the fore. The actress had also expressed her displeasure by sharing the post. After which many celebs had posted in support of Alia. At the same time, a similar hint has been found in Zeenat Aman’s latest post as well.

Zeenat has done this post with picture on Insta
In the photo shared by Zeenat on her Insta, she is seen posing in front of the camera in a black polka dotted outfit. Along with sharing this photo, she wrote in the caption, “A graceful picture in the foyer before going to a friend’s birthday party the other night. I know you want to ask me which friend, so I can give you some privacy.” I will answer.

I think there should be a healthy fine line between being a public figure or someone you admire. The former is wonderful and on which artists and audiences thrive. The latter is a drag on everyone involved and in my view prevents us from reaching new ideas and higher levels of conversation. The world is so wonderfully diverse and rich I promise you there are many more interesting things to learn about than who and where to meet celebrities. just a thought”

Many fans have praised Zeenat’s post. Her caption specially reminded me of several recent incidents related to actress Alia Bhatt.

Photos were taken from Alia’s living room
In fact, on Tuesday, Alia reprimanded a media portal on her Instagram stories for surreptitiously clicking her pictures while sitting in the living room of the house. The actress wrote, “Are you kidding me? I was sitting in my living room in my house on a normal afternoon when I felt someone watching me… I looked up and saw two guys with cameras on the roof of my neighborhood building! In what world is this ok and alluded to? This is a blatant invasion of someone’s privacy! There is a limit that you simply cannot cross and it is safe to say that today all lines have been crossed!” She also tagged the Mumbai Police in her post.

After this post of Alia, many celebs from Jahnavi Kapoor to Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor to Anushka Sharma supported her. These celebs had shared posts on social media.

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