The EU, NATO and Ukraine will increase the production and acquisition of weapons

BRUSSELS, February 22 – Ukraine, the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will jointly launch a mechanism to coordinate arms supplies to Ukraine, officials here said after the first high-level meeting of the three parts. representatives.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he discussed with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell the need to increase weapons production and improve the arms procurement “to ensure that Ukraine gets the weapons it needs.”

“We are looking at ways to speed up deliveries from member states to Ukraine,” Borrell said.

To this end, the three parties will establish a coordination mechanism that will link their defense industries, buyers and governments. This will allow them not only to meet the needs of Ukraine on the front line, but also to replenish the ammunition reserves of NATO member states and the EU.

Since the ammunition consumption rate is higher than the production rate, EU and NATO member states must increase production, Stoltenberg and Borrell said. Efforts to increase production began late last summer, according to Kuleba.

NATO will help Ukraine develop a procurement system that is effective, transparent and accountable, Stoltenberg said. The alliance will also increase its targets for ammunition stocks through its Defense Planning Process.

Stoltenberg said he regretted Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) with the United States, which was announced Tuesday by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia suspends its participation in New START instead of withdrawing, Putin said.

In early February, NATO called on Russia to “return to full compliance” with New START and allow inspections of its nuclear facilities. That “sounds like some kind of nonsense in the midst of today’s confrontation,” Putin said in his annual address to Russia’s Federal Assembly.

He noted the potential for a combined NATO strike, as the UK and France also have nuclear arsenals that pose a threat to Russia.

Moscow said it had information that “certain figures in Washington” are considering tests to develop new types of nuclear weapons.

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