No party has offered the post of president: Unified Socialist

The CPN (Unified Socialist) has affirmed that nobody has offered the position of president to the party.

There have been reports that CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli proposed making the unified socialist president Madhav Kumar Nepal the next president during their meeting on Sunday. But speaking to reporters after the party secretariat meeting on Wednesday, leader Jhala Nath Khanal and spokesman Jagannath Khatiwada claimed no party had made the offer so far.

“President Madhav Kumar Nepal briefed on the current situation and meetings with the leaders of other parties during the secretariat meeting,” Khanal stated. “He did not say anything about the offer for president. Therefore, we must understand that these were just rumors.”

He added that the party formed after the split from UML would hold talks with other parties on the presidential election and other issues. He also stated that unification with the UML is unlikely. “There is difficulty in unifying with UML. How can you say it won’t happen? But there are no reasons for unification”.

Khaitwada also stated that no party had offered the post of president and revealed that the secretariat meeting decided to hold a discussion with the progressive forces and also discuss the presidential election with other parties. “No party has proposed on the presidential election. This chapter has been closed. We will form a position if someone were to propose. But we would maintain a dialogue with all parts of the Chamber”.

He also added that Unified Socialist is to elect the next president from among the parties.

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