Sonu Nigam was manhandled during an event in Mumbai, video viral

Sonu Nigam Attacked: Bollywood’s famous playback singer Sonu Nigam and his team members were allegedly manhandled by a Shiv Sena member during a music event in Chembur, Mumbai on Monday. In this attack, Rabbani Khan, son of Sonu’s teacher, has suffered injuries. He has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. At the same time, Sonu Nigam has also lodged a complaint about the whole matter in Chembur police station, after which the police has started investigating. At the same time, the video of the scuffle with Singer and his team is also going viral on social media.

Sonu Nigam was pushed off the stage
It is being told that Sonu Nigam was performing during the finale at Chembur Festival organized by MLA Prakash Faterpekar. Meanwhile, a local MLA belonging to Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena party misbehaved with Saira, the manager of the corporation. The MLA’s son wanted to take a photo with Sonu so he went on stage and asked Sonu’s manager to get down from the stage and when Sonu was getting down from the stage, the man pushed Sonu down the stairs behind the stage. but pushed. In this incident, his master’s son Rabbani Khan fell from the stage and got injured. The video of this entire incident is going viral on social media.

Sonu filed a complaint in Chembur police station
Shocked by this incident, Sonu Nigam later filed a complaint at Chembur police station. At present, the police has started investigating the matter. At present, the purported video is being verified and police officials are talking to Sonu Nigam to find out about the

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