Kareena refused to do a romantic scene with Abhishek, the actor gave such a reaction

Kareena Kapoor-Abhishek Bachchan Romantic Scene: Can there be no romance in Bollywood movies? Bollywood movies seem incomplete without romance. But do you know that sometimes some Bollywood actors become uncomfortable while filming romantic scenes. One such incident was revealed by Abhishek Bachchan in Simi Grewal’s chat show a few years back. He told an anecdote of his debut film Refugee, in which Kareena Kapoor was seen with him.

Kareena calls Abhishek ‘brother’
Abhishek and Kareena’s 2010 film Refugee was their first film together. This film could not do wonders at the box office, but Kareena’s acting was appreciated by everyone. After this film, Kareena got a line of films. Kareena may be Bollywood’s bindaas actress today, but she refused to do a romantic scene in the film Refugee. Actually, there was a romantic scene to be shot between Kareena and Abhishek in the film, on which the actress told the director how to do a romantic scene with Abhishek, because he is like her brother.

Kareena had arrived as a guest on Simi Grewal’s show. During this, he made a video call to Abhishek, where Abhishek shared this incident. Abhishek said that when Kareena was asked to do a romantic scene with him in the film, she approached director JP Dutta and told him, “J.P. Uncle, how can I do this. Abhishek is like my brother.” Are”. Abhishek had said that he can never forget this incident. It is said that when Kareena was shooting for Refugee with Abhishek, then the closeness between Abhishek and Karishma started increasing. Karishma used to visit Abhishek on the sets of the film several times. Perhaps this was the reason why Kareena was shy about doing a romantic scene with Abhishek.

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