8 Nepali Metal Bands You Shouldn’t Miss

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Beyond the pop music genre, Nepal also has a promising platform for the metal scene. Lately Nepalese metal bands are not as active as they used to be, but it would be a mistake not to appreciate this genre. Also, there are some Nepali metal bands who have shared the world stage, collaborating with international bands making the presence of Nepali metal bands known to the world.

This week Onlinekhabar has selected the top 10 metal bands from Nepal that you should not miss. I mean, if you want to headbange, check out these amazing bands.


ugrakarma they are the pioneers in bringing death metal music to Nepal. The band started their journey in 1999 by releasing their demo called Himalayan Metal of Death. In 2001, they released their first album, Blood Metal Initiation. But the band had to break up in 2003. After a decade of their split, in 2012 the band was revived and played at NepFest, headlined by Decapitated, a well-known Polish death metal band.

As one of the best metal bands from Nepal, Ugrakarma is affiliated with a French record label. legion of death which released the band’s Mountain Grinders EP in 2015. During their 2018 European tour, the band played four shows in France, including a date in the label’s hometown of Poitiers.

They have since also signed to French record company Legion of Death, which produced Mountain Grinders and will also produce their new album.

2. Antim Graham

antim grahan are another pioneering black metal band in Nepal who have recently made a comeback after a decade, releasing a song from their seventh album, Goat Legion.

Unlike a decade ago, Antim Grahan now wants to make the most of it as they are back with new members and renewed energy. They want to make a mark on the Nepali black metal scene, play abroad and in doing so create an international impact.

Formed in 2002, Antim Grahan were one of the biggest underground bands in the country with many coming to shows just to hear them. Their popularity gained through their single Forever Winter and an EP of the same title, after which they became one of the best metal bands in Nepal.

3. Bottom

At present, Underside is one of the biggest and best metal bands from Nepal. Formed in 2010, the band have toured Europe and Australia to become the first and only band to perform at top-tier international music festivals such as Download Festival (2019) and Bloodstock (2018).

The band, with their first official music video for Disconnect, created quite a stir in the Nepali music scene. It was the first time that a metal song drew so much attention. Currently, the music video has over 600,000 views. The band has also been featured in Metal Hammer, the world’s leading heavy metal magazine.


Binaash labels themselves a “ramailo” death metal band. The band is popular for their songs Momo Pasal and Disco Death Kaila. They have also headlined and co-headlined numerous live shows and shared the stage with international bands like Nepalm Death, Testament, Vader and a few others.


Formed in 2008, Kaal is a brutal death metal band based in Pokhara. So far, they have released two albums: Angha Bhanga Nepal and Dismembered. Their songs Angha Bhanga Nepal, Blood of Blasphemy and Lethal Greed are popular with listeners, establishing themselves as one of the best Nepali metal bands.

Kaal is still actively doing concerts.

6. Vhumi

Vhumi is a melodic death metal band that released their self-titled debut album in 2007, showcasing raw and powerful sounds. Bhariya, Aatanka and Stoned Hunter are some of Vhumi’s popular songs.

7. Screaming puppet

Formed in 2016, Screaming Marionette won the Inter College Music Competition (ICMC) in 2017. After winning the contest, they released their first EP Corrupted Society. Today, Screaming Marionnette is one of the most admired Nepali metal bands as their songs talk about the socio-political context of Nepal.

8. Naked horror

Nude Terror is a grind metal band formed in 2013. Banana Song and Personality Disorder are the band’s best known songs.

They released their debut album Personality Disorder in 2016.

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