The Karnali government is complete, with 4 ministers from Maoists and 3 from UML

Karnali Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma.

11 Magh, Surkhet. The Karnali government has achieved perfection. Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma on Wednesday expanded the Council of Ministers and assigned the responsibilities of the ministers.

In the 7-member cabinet, there are 4 ministers from Maoist and 3 ministers from UML, including the chief minister.

Mangal Bahadur Shahi has become the Minister of Physical Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources, Krishna Ji is the Minister of Internal Affairs and Law and Bhimprakash Sharma has become the Minister of Lands, Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives from the Maoists.

Similarly, from UML, Vinod Kumar Shah has become the Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning, Tekraj Pachai has become the Minister of Social Development and Sher Bahadur Budha has become the Minister of Industry, Tourism, Forestry and Environment.

Sharma, who was appointed as the Chief Minister on Poush 27, made UML’s Shah and Maoist’s Mangal Bahadur Shahi non-departmental ministers on Poush 28.

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