Chudal, the head of the airport’s internal terminal, was arrested

Magh 9, Kathmandu. The Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission has arrested Purna Chudal, head of internal terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport, on the charge of taking bribe.

According to the authority, it was found that he was taking 10,000 per month for getting a pass to travel to the internal terminal of the airport. According to the authority, he was arrested from the working room when he had received a bribe of 150,000 from a fistful of 15 maninas from Kartik 2078 till now.

According to the sources, the authority had already noted the numbers of the notes of the bribe money. But when the commission staff arrived, they did not find that money with him, said an officer assigned to the scene.

Instead, the authority said that 8 lakh rupees were found in the drawer in the working room without opening the source. Chudal has not revealed the source of that amount.

Sources said that they are also investigating where he kept the bribe money.

Chudal was earlier transferred from Civil Aviation Office, Chandragarhi Jhapa and came to Kathmandu.

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