CIB’s conclusion: Match fixing in T20 cricket league

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB) has concluded that there is match-fixing in the T-20 cricket league. CIB Spokesperson and SP Sanjay Singh Thapa informed the Citizen News on Friday that the investigation concluded that the match was fixed.

After getting the news that there was spot fixing in the T-20 league, the CIB was investigating from 24th of Poush.

He said, ‘There is a possibility of match fixing. It has been seen that there are people who are in the managerial role of the game or people who are associated with the game. Accordingly, we have moved forward in terms of bringing it into legal scope. We have prepared to publish the report on the first day of next week.’

The league, which ended on Poush 28, was controversial from the start. After suspicion of match fixing in the league, the CIB investigated. Conclusions have been drawn from the research. The CIB has prepared to publish a report on this on the first day of next week.

A representative of the International Cricket Council (ICC) arrived in Kathmandu on Poush 21 to monitor the Nepal T-20 League, which was accused of ‘spot and match fixing’. The team also met the CIB. The ICC team said that it would assist the CIB’s investigation.

Similarly, Jatin Ahluwalia, the owner of Indian company Seven Three Sports, which is a strategic partner of the league, went to India.

Sachin Timalsina, who commented on the league, posted a video on social media on January 19 and said that he withdrew from the competition because he had experience of match-fixing in the league. Soon after, the captain of Kathmandu Knights, Gyanendra Malla, said that one of his team’s players was offered for fixing.

Biratnagar Super Kings and Kathmandu Knights did not agree to the toss saying that the players did not get the salary they should get. Later, after the officials of CAN assured to provide the wages, the match started.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane instructed the Nepal Police to investigate the controversy in the Nepal T-20 League after various controversial news of the league came out.

In the same way, Rakhep also requested the necessary evidence and documents from CAN regarding the labor approval of foreign players as well as the operation of the competition, but they ignored it and because of recent discrepancies in the league, Rakhep also formed a five-member task force for investigation.

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