Rakhi Sawant has now been detained by the Mumbai Police, this actress had filed a case

Rakhi Sawant Detained: The difficulties of Bollywood’s drama queen Rakhi Sawant are increasing. Currently, Rakhi has been taken into custody by Mumbai’s Amboli police in connection with a case lodged by an actress. A police officer has given information about this. Earlier the police was interrogating him.

Police detained Rakhi Sawant
An official said that the Mumbai Police has taken Rakhi Sawant into custody for allegedly circulating video links and pictures of another actress on social media. The female actress had filed a case against Rakhi Sawant.

Sherlyn Chopra posted about Rakhi
Earlier, Sherlyn Chopra has given this information by sharing a post from her official Twitter handle. Sherlyn wrote in the post, “Breaking News!!! Amboli police arrested Rakhi Sawant in connection with FIR 883/2022. Yesterday, Rakhi Sawant’s ABA 1870/2022 was dismissed by the Mumbai sessions court.

what is the matter
Sherlyn Chopra objected to going for Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss season 16. He had said that Sajid Khan, who exploits women, should not be kept in the show. She had also gone to lodge a police complaint against Sajid. Later, Rakhi Sawant came out in support of Sajid Khan and she denied all the allegations of Sherlyn. During this, during a conversation with Paparazzi, Rakhi had spoken a lot against Sherlyn. Sherlyn later lodged a complaint with the police regarding this. On the other hand, Rakhi also filed a defamation case against Sherlyn Chopra at Mumbai’s Oshiwara police station in November.

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