Teen Mom Caitlin Lowell Defends Co-Star Ashley Siren’s Pregnancy Disclosure Without Permission – E! Online

Caitlin Lowell She wanted to avoid drama—promise not to start one.

During the January 17 episode The Teenage Mother: Family Reunification, Ashley Siren and Brianna DeJesus An explosive fight ensued, forcing the producers to separate the couple from the rest of the cast.

But after the fight, Caitlyn found herself in the middle of a sticky situation when she revealed to her co-stars, including Jade Cline, that Ashley was pregnant. After the episode aired, the MTV reality star explained why she chose to share such personal information in such a dramatic moment.

“Was it right for me to tell Jade about Ashley being pregnant? No!” she wrote Instagram stories January 17. “But to be honest, I never thought Ashley would ever get physical and take that risk with someone knowing she was pregnant!”

Caitlin explained that if he was going to fight a woman, he would want to know if she was pregnant.

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