Province 1: Deputy Speaker Danuwar took oath

The Deputy Speaker of Province 1, Srijana Danuwar, has taken the oath of office and secrecy.

On Saturday, Deputy Speaker Danuwar took the oath of office and secrecy from Speaker of Province 1 Baburam Gautam at the office of the Provincial Head of Province 1.

Danuwar was elected to the post of deputy speaker on the basis of the majority in the state assembly meeting on Saturday. 57 votes were cast in favor of Danuwar in the Deputy Speaker election process held at the State Assembly Secretariat. 90 MPs participated in the voting.

Narayan Burja Magar, the state MP of the Maoist Center, and Sabija Bajgai of RPP were among the proponents of Danuwar. 33 votes were cast in favor of Nepali Congress MP Leela Kumari Rai for the post of Deputy Speaker. There are 93 members in the provincial assembly including 40 from UML, 29 from Congress, 13 from CPN-Maoist Center, 6 from RPP, 4 from CPN United Socialists and 1 from JSP.

The ruling coalition UML, Maoist, RPR and JSP have 60 votes. Danuwar, elected as Deputy Speaker, is an MP elected from Udaipur by proportional quota.

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