Dhital and Aryal’s candidacy for Gandaki Speaker

Krishna Dhital of CPN-Maoist Center and Saraswati Aryal of Nepali Congress have nominated for the post of Speaker of Gandaki State Assembly.

Fanindra Devkota is the proponent of Dhital and Roshan Bahadur Gaha Thapa is the supporter. Prem Subedi, the Information Officer of the State Assembly Secretariat has informed that Dilliram Subedi is the proponent of Aryal and Dr. Takaraj Gurung is the supporter.

Regarding the candidacy, there is a program to be discussed and presented for decision in the meeting of the state assembly at 3 pm. In the power coalition, it was already agreed that CPN-UML will get the Chief Minister and the Maoist Center will get the Speaker in Gandaki.

According to the agreement, Khagraj Adhikari, the leader of the Gandaki State UML parliamentary party, has been appointed as the Chief Minister and received a vote of confidence from the State Assembly on Friday. There are 27 members of the Nepali Congress, 22 members of the CPN-UML, eight members of the Maoist Center, two members of the RPP and one independent member in the 60-member Gandaki Provincial Assembly.

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