Trossard wants out of Brighton after row with de Gerby and ‘feud’ with team-mate

Leandro Trossard Brighton and Hove Albion want to leave in this transfer window, with his agent claiming on Friday that the player has been excluded from the club. Belgium International and a teammate.

Trossard’s agent, Josie Comher, has also claimed the 28-year-old forward has not spoken to head coach Roberto de Gerbi.

Trossard, who moved away from the south coast this January, is yet to play for the club this year after being left on the bench. Everton and was removed from the team for The FA Cup to win Middlesbrough.

De Gerby then confirmed on Friday that Trossard would not be part of his squad to face him Liverpool Saturday after he skipped a training session without his permission.

“He left the session without saying anything to me. And it’s not good,” De Zerbi said.

“I spoke to him and I explained that this attitude, this behavior, I don’t like.”

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But, in an extraordinary statement published on Friday evening, Trossard’s agent said the player had been unfairly suspended.

The statement read: “Before Leandro left for Qatar, BrightonLeandro was meant to sign on. This could not happen because the parties did not come to an agreement. Leandro has also indicated that he is ready for his next step.

“After that world cup, in training Leandro and one of the players had an argument over something trivial. Since then, the manager does not talk to Leandro, which is clearly not conducive to the environment, nor is it performance-oriented.

“The starting position was against Leandro Southampton and ArsenalBut against Everton he was on the bench. He was also not included in the five substitutions that took place during that time, and without explanation.

“In the run-up to the game against Middlesbrough for the FA Cup, Leandro had already indicated twice that he had a problem with his calf. This is why he stopped training. This, incidentally, was in consultation with the medical staff.

“The manager told Leandro that he should train separately. Last Monday, the manager insulted Leandro in the group and indicated that he no longer wanted to see him. A manager who does not communicate directly with his players for four weeks is truly incomprehensible. Coincidentally, this is also the manager who has indicated several times that relocation is the most convenient solution.”

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The statement ended with Trossard saying he wanted to leave Brighton immediately.

It added: “It is therefore important that Brighton support potential transfers during this transfer period and show a generous attitude, which is beneficial for both parties.”

Trossard’s existing contract with Brighton, which expires this summer, has an option to extend next year until June 2024.

According to reports in Belgium, the 28-year-old has consistently rejected offers of a new contract.

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