A ward member’s hand was broken when the police used force in Shankharapur, Kathmandu

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28th Poush, Kathmandu. A ward member was injured in a dispute with the police regarding the construction of a sub-station in Shankharapur, Kathmandu.

Vijay Lama, a ward member of Shankharapur municipality-3 in Kathmandu, was injured. His hand was broken in a clash with the police on Thursday.

The police have also arrested three others.

Shankharapur-3 has been protesting against the construction of sub station for 12 days. The villagers have demanded that the sub-station should not be constructed in their village.

Today, Thursday, with the help of the police, the Nepal Electricity Authority has started the construction of the sub-station.

The local residents have already lodged a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission saying that the police were mobilized for the construction of the sub-station without their permission.

The local residents are protesting that the sub-station that is going to be built on an area of ​​about 200 ropani in Bozni in Shankharapur municipality-3 will affect their lives. Local residents have been protesting this project, which started since 074.

According to the authority, the power transmission project is going to build a sub-station at Bozhani in Shankharapur to send the electricity produced by the Upper Tamakoshi hydropower project, which is supposed to produce 456 megawatts of electricity, to send it to Kathmandu Valley and other parts of the country.

This sub station will connect the transmission line to be constructed by MCC along with Upper Tamakoshi and the distribution center at Kharipati in Bhaktapur.

In this sub-station, which is going to be built in the middle of Bozhani settlement, 400 kilovolt (KV) capacity ‘high voltage’ transmission lines will be extended from three sides.

The locals are protesting that the land has been acquired by lying to them, and that a sub-station is going to be built in the middle of the human settlement. The authority says that even though they have taken the land for the construction of the sub-station, the local residents are still protesting.

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