Women-friendly bath with hot water in operation in Jumla

A hot water bath has been constructed in Jumla’s Sinja Rural Municipality 1 Chulelgaon.

After the construction of a bathhouse for women and girls, women from all over the village now bathe in that place. They say that it is easier to take a bath in hot water during the winter season after the construction of a bathhouse that provides hot water in the cold season of Jumla.

With the help of Plan Nepal, Pace Nepal Jumla built and put the bathroom into operation as a model. Kishore Neupane, executive president of Pace Nepal, said that the shower room was started as a model. He says that even small work can sometimes bring relief.

The women said that after the restoration of the bathroom in the village, they could bathe and wash clothes in a safe and enjoyable way. Local Tilakanya Acharya said that after the construction of the bathroom, the compulsion to go to the river to bathe has been removed.

On the other hand, when the hot water comes in the cold season of winter, even the girls are crowded to take a bath. Nirmala Acharya, Treasurer of Sinja Rural Municipality Kishori Network, thanked the girls for being a model for safe bathing.

Narvir Sunar, Acting Head of Committee Jumla, Meena Parajuli, Regional Manager of Plan Nepal, have monitored the room. Manager Parajuli expressed happiness over the construction of a bathhouse for girls and women in the cold.

Hemraj Bhatt, program coordinator of Pesh Nepal Jumla, said that the cost of the bathroom is 668,548.

Women have even formed a protection committee to protect the bathroom. The bathhouse has been constructed under the chairmanship of the local Thumura Ward.

Water problem

The women said that although there is a shower room for bathing, there is a problem of regular drinking water in the village. There are one hundred households in the village. But the women say that there is a problem due to lack of proper drinking water.

The chairman of the conservation committee, Thumuravad, requested for help as there is a problem of drinking water in the village even though there is a proper shower room. The women asked for help in the water supply as there was a problem in the village after the only water pipe was frozen due to cold.

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