The story of a dangerous American female spy spying on her own country…

American female spy named Ana Montes is recognized as the most infamous female spy during the Cold War. Ana, who has been imprisoned in the United States for the past 20 years, has now been released, but her espionage exploits have prevented her from being released.

Now she may be 65 years old, but before reaching this age, she remained loyal to Cuba, not her country, for two decades. Ana’s loyalty came to an end when the US came to know about her and she was promptly arrested in 2001.

What happened after all that Ana became a supporter of the enemy country Cuba instead of her country and for that she did not hesitate to spy regardless of the risk?

Siblings, boyfriends loyal to the FBI, but…

This was the reason that Cuba, a country with leftist ideology, caught sight of him and finally during his student life at Johns Hopkins University in the 1980s, he was contacted by a Cuban agent. He was recruited by Montes Cuban Intelligence and subsequently by the Cuban intelligence service to work with the US Defense Intelligence Agency.  

It is worth noting here that Ana’s brother Tito and sister Lucy were employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of America. Tito was a special agent of the FBI and sister Lucy had been a language analyst and translator in the ABI for a long time. His sister Lucy was instrumental in getting Ana caught.

When Ana joined the DIA

Ana Montes joined the Defense Intelligence Agency-DIA in September 1985 after working for the United States Department of Justice. His first assignment was at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington where he worked as an intelligence research expert. In 1992, Montes was selected for the DIA’s Special Analyst Program. Ana then traveled to Cuba to study for the Cuban Army. Through her work, Ana quickly rose through the ranks in the DIA.

In no time she became the most specialized senior analyst on Cuba in DIA. His colleague considered him responsible and reliable. She became famous as a special employee working very seriously in DIA, but no one even knew that this responsible partner of hers was working against her. Not only this, in 1997, a certificate of distinction was also given by George Tenet, director of America’s Central Intelligence Agency CIA. 

Nicaragua resented US support for the Contras

If your thoughts are not found, then how can it be a stranger to you and how can it harm you by going to every extent. The best example of this is Ana Montes. According to a report by the US Department of Defense Inspector General, Ana was angered by US support for the Nicaraguan Contras. This is a  Was a right-wing rebel group suspected of war crimes and other atrocities in the Central American country of Nicaragua. He used terrorist methods to oppress the people there.

This was the reason that in 1984 a fellow student approached her after seeing Ana’s displeasure at Johns Hopkins University over US actions in Nicaragua. This fellow student later introduced him to a Cuban intelligence agent. According to a report by the Inspector General, "During a dinner in New York City, Ana agreed without hesitation to help Nicaragua through the Cubans."

It was only after this meeting that she left for Havana for training next year. It was only after this that he joined the Defense Intelligence Agency of the US. He was made the senior analyst of DIA for the communist government of the island of Cuba. For nearly two decades, she would meet Cuban handlers at restaurants in Washington DC every few weeks and send them coded messages containing top-secret US information via pager. Orders were received from Cuba by short-wave radio transmissions to the ANA.

All America’s Top Secret Operations Revealed

After Ana’s arrest in 2001, an American official said that Ana had provided Cuba with complete information about all America’s intelligence operations regarding Cuba. According to another US official, Ana was one of the most dangerous and most damaging spies ever caught in America.

Michel Van Cleve, the counter-intelligence chief under President George W. Bush, told Congress in 2012 that Montes had compromised everything. He had told Cuba everything that America knew about Cuba and the way it was monitoring it. Even how America works in Cuba and what kind of strategy it adopts. Ana had told all this in detail to the Cuban intelligence agency. 

Intelligence Chief Michel Van Cleve said that this was the reason why Cubans were well aware of everything that America knew about them and could use it to their advantage. Apart from this, she was also able to influence the speculations about Cuba in her conversations with colleagues. Along with this, during her stay in DIA, she used to pass on the important information she got through other means to Cuba. 

On Ana Montes after the arrest  4 American spies were accused of revealing identities and passing wildly classified information (documents, recordings, films, tools, etc.) to Cuba. For this he was sentenced to 25 years in prison, with the sentencing judge accusing him of putting the nation as a whole in grave danger.

loyalist of Fidel Castro

Ana Montes was an admirer of the late former President of Cuba and revolutionary Fidel Castro. For 16 years, she had been working as a loyalist of Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro is the one for whom the US intelligence agency ie CIA conspired 638 times to kill him, but it never succeeded. Fidel survived every time. The enmity between Cuba and America goes back a long time.

Actually, during the Cold War in the year 1962, the world had reached the brink of nuclear war.  The reason  Soviet Union, Cuba had confrontation with America. This is known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. In September 1962, the Cuban and Soviet governments secretly  Deployed nuclear missiles capable of hitting most of the United States.

When in the year 1961, some Cuban people who brought training from CIA tried to topple Fidel Castro’s government. However, these people could not succeed in this attempt. Seeing this, Castro agreed to seek the help of Nikita Khrushchev, the powerful communist leader of the Soviet Union. The alliance of these two countries then turned Cuba into an important center of the Cold War. 

Can be watched even after release

Ana is one of America’s most famous captured Cold War spies, who has been held for more than 20 years  After being kept in custody, he has been released from jail on 6 January 2023. He has been released from the federal prison in Fort Worth in view of his good behavior. However, even after his release, he will be closely monitored. Ana was accused of working for Cubans even before joining the DIA in 1985.

Prior to her arrest Ana lived in a two bedroom flat in Cleveland Park Washington DC. In September 2001, US intelligence officials received a tip that a government employee was spying for Cuba. Only after this, Ana was finally taken into custody. According to Pete Lapp, one of the FBI agents who arrested her, she remained courageous even during her arrest. Montes will be on probation for 5 years after her release and her Internet use will be monitored.

They will also be banned from working for the government or contacting foreign agents without approval.  FBI Lapp, who arrested Montes, told CBS News he doesn’t think Ana will try to reconnect with Cuban agents. Lapp said, "That part of his life is over. Ana did what she had to do, but I don’t think she would even imagine putting her freedom in danger."


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