Suggestion to arrange for the collection of voter list within 7 days after the announcement of election

The stakeholders of Taplejung have suggested to the Election Commission to arrange for the collection of voter list for at least 7 days from the day after the announcement of the election.

They have also suggested to the commission to make arrangements to allow vehicles to operate on polling day based on special procedures and regulations. This was suggested by the stakeholders here to the Election Commission team that came to Taplejung to take suggestions from the stakeholders related to the provincial elections.

They have also suggested to set up polling centers in other places than schools, to transport the election materials in hilly and hilly districts by the Election Commission itself, to arrange the budget for the transportation materials based on the distance of the polling place.

During the collection of suggestions in the presence of Election Commissioner Ram Prasad Bhandari, the concerned officials here have demanded that the polling staff and security personnel should be allowed to vote on the basis of the identity card issued by their office and that those who are named in the final voter list but do not have an identity card can vote on the basis of the recommendation with a photo sent by the concerned ward after verification. .

Similarly, in order to monitor the election expenses incurred by the candidates, the Commission has suggested to the Commission to create an effective mechanism from the central level, to arrange at least two support staff in each polling station, to keep a certain percentage of the money paid for manpower mobilization in the election officer’s office.

To manage the cost of transportation of materials in view of the geographical situation and to determine the salary of the manpower employed in the election based on that, to use self-inked Swastish stamps, to arrange voting machines to replace paper ballots, to increase the duration of voter education and to increase the manpower. He has requested to explain and make arrangements for transportation of ballot boxes in remote and difficult areas by helicopter.

During the last local elections and representative and provincial assembly elections, the counting process was delayed for a few days after the preparations to bring the ballot boxes by helicopter from Ghunsa, Yangma, Phale and Gybla in North Taplejung were canceled at the last moment. In order to find ways to improve the election process, the Election Commission has organized a collection of suggestions and an election review program at 7 locations in 7 provinces.

According to Yagya Prasad Bhattarai, joint secretary of the Election Commission, this time, the suggestion of Province 1 has been taken from Taplejung. This is a sample suggestion. Suggestions have been collected in Dolakha while suggestions are yet to be collected in other 5 places. Election Commissioner Bhandari said that the Election Commission will accept the suggestions received as its property and implement the appropriate opinion suggestions during the upcoming elections.

In the program, District Judge Nirmala Yongya, Chief District Officer Mahesh Kumar Pokharel and others shared their experiences of the election. Yongya was the chief election officer of Taplejung during the representative and provincial assembly elections held on November 4. There is an arrangement that the chief district officer will be the head of the district election coordination committee. District Election Office Taplejung Election Officer Dinesh Khanal informed that the Commission has accepted the conclusion of the group discussion conducted by forming 5 groups of stakeholders.

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