Giant snake reached on date with girls, started sharing food from plate itself, watch video

Snake Viral Video: In today’s world, many videos go viral on social media. There are many types of videos that make the common man think whether this can happen. One such video is going viral these days, in which two girls are having dinner with a giant snake in a restaurant.

We are always advised to stay away from snakes, but seeing this video, it does not seem that snakes are scary creatures. There are many countries in the world where people keep snakes very fondly. When two girls sit together and have dinner with a snake, the people around look at both of them very curiously.

girls feed with their hands

Both the girls feed the snake with their own hands in the restaurant. The snake also eats food with both the girls very fondly. The girl is feeding the snake without any fear with the help of chopsticks and the snake is also enjoying her a lot. Snake also looks around while eating. The colorful looking snake sits right in front of both the girls. The surprising thing is that even in such a crowded place, the snake is sitting very peacefully.

13 crore people watched

Ever since this snake video went viral on Instagram, about 130 million people have seen it and 73,000 people have also liked it. Many people have also made funny comments on this video. This is not the first time that a video of a pet snake has gone viral. Even before this, strange videos of snakes are found on social media.

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