Nepal Samajwadi Party will form a negotiation committee for unity with Maoists

Nepal Samajwadi Party is going to form a negotiation committee to unite with CPN (Maoist Center).

The meeting of the political committee of Nepal Samajwadi Party has started from Sunday at the party central office. In the meeting, the party chairman Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has submitted a political report titled ‘Socialist Polarization Today’s Need’.

Dr. NESP co-chairman Ganganarayan Shrestha informed that the discussion has started on the political report submitted by Bhattarai.

He said that the meeting will form a negotiation committee to unite the party with CPN (Maoist Center). He clarified that the committee will be empowered to discuss and try to achieve unity and polarization with other parties including the Maoist Center.

He said, ‘We have created a document. Especially the need for socialist polarization. There is a document on this subject and in that document we have five sections. And in that document, what did we go through while building the new Shakti Party, what was the achievement? We have reviewed what damage was done. Secondly, we have also reviewed the elections. And why is socialist polarization necessary now?’

We have also emphasized on that in the document. It also mentions how to go now. Of course, this document carries all the agendas as a whole. Apart from this document we have only one agenda organization regarding division of labor. By tomorrow we will reach a conclusion. Socialist polarization is actually a matter of party unity now. By the end of this meeting, we will also form a negotiation committee mainly to complete the party unity with the CPN (Maoist Centre). We make that decision with a right to discuss, debate and initiate/attempt necessary for socialist polarization with other parties as well.’

The political report presented by President Bhattarai is divided into five sections. Beginning, 7 years of party formation, an overview, union and state elections 2079 brief review, socialist polarization today’s needs and future action plans are divided into five sections.

Political work, organizational work, propaganda work and agitation and campaign work plan are mentioned in the report under the upcoming action plan. Co-Chairman Shrestha informed that the meeting will continue till Monday (tomorrow).

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