‘Killed 25 Afghans’, claims Prince Harry, Taliban said – not sure, they are cowards

Prince Harry Autobiography Row: Prince Harry, a member of the British royal family, has recently written an autobiography ‘Spare’ about the relationship between himself and the family. Several parts of this book have already been leaked, in which Harry has said that he killed 25 people in Afghanistan while serving in the British Army. Now the Taliban has taken a dig at Prince Harry over this claim.

According to The Independent, the Taliban have criticized Prince Harry, calling him a ‘big mouth loser’. Taliban commander Molawi Agha Gol has termed Harry’s statement as an attempt to attract attention. Commander Agha Gol said, “I don’t even believe what they said about the mujahideen. They are losers and are afraid to go to the war zone. We made history by driving them and their army out of our land.” Created. He should be angry on this matter.

‘Our martyred Mujahideen are in Jannat…’
Commander Molawi Agha Gol said, “Our martyred mujahideen are in heaven, but their opponents are burning in hell.” Prince Harry has written in his upcoming autobiography ‘Spare’ that he killed more than two dozen people in Afghanistan as a soldier hunting down Taliban militants.

Incidents between 2012-13
In the autobiography, Prince Harry has told that he was the pilot of the Apache helicopter between 2012-13, when he killed 25 people by bombing in Afghanistan. Harry has told that he is neither happy nor sad about this incident. Harry has told that while being a pilot, he has worked on 6 air missions.

Along with this, Harry has revealed that he came to know about the death of Queen Elizabeth (Harry’s grandmother) last year through the media. Harry has told that no family member told him about the death of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, but he got information about it from the media.

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