I will respect your salute for the rest of my life: Home Minister Lamichhane

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane visited the Armed Police Force Nepal Headquarters on Saturday.

During the inspection visit, Home Minister Lamichhane instructed the armed police personnel of all ranks to work according to the mandate by eliminating the tendency to be close and distant while in the organization.

He also instructed to improve the weaknesses in the past and to perform the work with zero weaknesses in the administrative and managerial aspects.

He stated that the physical infrastructure for the stay of the officers and soldiers deployed from the hot summer of Terai to the harsh cold of Olangchungola and Changaru in the Himalayas is in poor condition and expressed his commitment to make it more professional with the necessary infrastructure.

He said, ‘I will respect your salute not only during my tenure but also throughout my life. Constant vigilance and duty in the extreme heat or cold is actually service to the country and patriotism.’

“Always keep in mind that we are few, but we are special, so we are ‘strength’. If every employee can keep it in his heart and perform accordingly, we will also say, ‘We have strength, that’s why we are strong, whatever we do is good.'” It is important to move forward with the feeling that we will do it, we will agree to the law, we will do it not only for ourselves but for the people and we will do it for the nation.’ He said.

Home Minister Lamichhane mentioned that a strong government means that the people have faith and trust and said, ‘We all wish that ordinary Nepalis can talk to the security forces eye to eye, but those who do illegal activities should always be afraid and never raise their heads.’

While in the service, the mind of many national servants may have been disturbed by the issue of transfer and promotion, while working in one place may decrease in professional capacity due to some arrogance and arrogance, transfer, promotion and other actions will be carried out based on ability, professionalism, ethics and knowledge.’ He said.

Published: Jan 7, 2023 15:55 Saturday

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