He cost around 150 million, they said he was more complete than Messi and now they want him out

He cost around 200 million, they said he was more complete than Messi and now they want him out

Ousmane Dembélé arrived as a star from Borussia Dortmund, Barza paid a total of 140 million euros, but his form throughout the season was not up to expectations. But with Xavi he was able to come back and achieve a termination clause of 100 million euros, which Paris Saint-Germain is willing to pay.

Given the sale, due to its clause, Barcelona will have enough money in the bank to be able to include the odd number, but above all there are many possibilities, which the club’s experienced players can quickly exploit. There will be three players who can come up with their sales.

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Firstly, there is Dejan Kulusevski, a Tottenham player, who plays the same role as Dembele, a winger on the right; The Swede has great ability in the form of a shot and speed in attack, these attributes were showcased at Juventus and his current team. According to transfermarket, he is valued at 50 million euros.

The second player we will talk about is Pedro Porro, an attacking winger from Sporting Lisboa. He is very famous in Portugal and in international competitions, which is why he is followed by the best players in Europe. His price is 25 million euros. For now, if we were to add the prices of both players, it would give us a total of 75 million euros.

Finally, the signing that can replace Robert Lewandowski, when he is suspended or injured, is Gabriel Barbosa, the player of the last Copa Libertadores champion. He has a good nose for goals and can link up with midfielders without any problems. The price is 22 million euros.

What will Laporta do?

On the last day, the president came out to say that Barcelona refused to sell him only because of the termination clause and no otherwise. In addition, Xavi’s bench has been added, which is very important for his plans.


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