‘After the death of the husband, the children’s confusion’

25-year-old Rajendra Bishta of Narharinath rural municipality-8 of Kalikot district died after falling from a hill on 16th of January. He went to mow the grass and stayed forever without ever coming home. After the death of Rajendra, who was earning a living for the family by doing daily wages, the family experienced a big storm.

Also, this family, which is living in poverty and lack of daily life, has faced a great storm. After his death, 3 children and a wife have been left behind. As the financial situation in the family weakened, the three children were separated.

His 21-year-old wife, Pirang, his 3 children and the financial condition of the family have become very weak, so there is also a lack of rent expenses. The future of 3 children is also dark. Relatives have appealed for financial support to the family of the deceased due to lack of funds for school expenses and children’s education.

‘There are 3 children at home. They are confused now. There is no one to raise their upbringing and education expenses. Piringka said.’

When it comes to who will take care of themselves, the responsibility of those three Awadh children has been added to their shoulders. There is no farm field to eat. God took away the person who eats.’

Sigon village is in pain due to the thunder that hit this family. After the death of the family member, now it is decided who will take care of these children. On the other hand, the problem of how to manage daily life has also been added due to lack of finances.

Ward Chairman Lal Bahadur Bista said that there is no food in the house, so that the children do not suffer.

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