Viral Video: Non-Muslims are your enemies, children should understand this very well…

Viral Video: A video of a Maulvi is going viral on social media, in which the Maulvi is giving a hate speech. In the viral video, the cleric is seen saying that non-Muslims are our enemies, our children should understand, ‘Allah destroy the atheists’.

According to the information received, this viral video of Maulvi is from Canada. Where radical cleric Yunus Kathrada has given a provocative speech in a program. It is being told that the cleric has not done this for the first time. Even before this the cleric has given such controversial speeches.

The cleric said: They are the enemies of Allah

The US-based Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors the news of the Middle East, has shared this video of the fundamentalist cleric through Twitter, which is becoming very viral. Kathrada has said during his inflammatory speech that they (non-Muslims) make false accusations on Islam because they are enemies of Allah.


The fundamentalist cleric has further said that when they insult Allah then how are they not enemies of Allah? Allah has said about himself in the Quran, ‘Neither was he born, nor was he created. He does not have children nor is he the child of anyone. But what do they (Christians) say? They say that Allah has a son. Does it not show disrespect towards Allah?’

Kathrada didn’t stop there, he said who do you think they are your friends? No, they are the enemies of Allah. So if they are enemies of Allah then how can they be your close friends? I want our children to understand this very well. Non-Muslims are the enemies of Allah, therefore they are your enemies too. Some of them do not even believe in the existence of Allah. Do you want to make such a person your close friend?’

In the video of about two minutes, fundamentalist Maulvi Yunus Kathrada has spewed venom. The information about when this video is from has not been revealed yet.

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