One worker died and another injured when the ladder collapsed

One laborer was killed and another injured when a cement staircase under construction collapsed in Parsa’s Bahudarmai municipality. Police said that 21-year-old Raja Mandal of Bahudarmai Municipality (5 Bhauratar) died. The injured 35-year-old Amar Mahato is being treated at Narayani Hospital Birganj.

Bahudarmai Municipality (4) A concrete staircase was being constructed for the Chhath Ghat next to Tilawe river. Two workers were injured when the support of the slope used to prepare the stairs was removed. The other workers and the police team of the local police station Dakailabahuari rescued them and sent them to the hospital for treatment.

Among the injured, Raja was declared dead by the doctor as soon as he was taken to the hospital, the police said. Parsa Police Spokesperson 9 DSP 0 Deepak Giri said that the slope setting for the stairs fell while opening from the bottom and crushed them. They have been opening the setting from the bottom as it has been set, he said, but they fell while opening it and got crushed.

Published: Jan 6 2023 21:55 Friday

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