COVID-19: Corona infected 40% of the population, Corona created an outcry in China

Covid-19 In China: About 40 percent of the total population of China is infected with Kovid. This thing has been revealed in a report. Most of the corona infected are elderly. In the last one month, a large part of the population has been infected with Kovid. Along with this, experts are estimating that about 1.1 billion people may become victims of Kovid in the coming weeks.

Chinese epidemiologist Zeng Guang said that more than 50 percent of people in most Chinese cities are Kovid positive. Along with this, Hong Kong-based English news outlet claimed that forty percent of China’s population is infected. According to medical experts, 80 percent of the capital Beijing’s population of 22 million people and 70 percent of Shanghai’s 25 million population have been affected by Covid so far.

hard to calculate death rate

According to Liang Wanyan, a Chinese epidemiologist and former head of the Chinese National Health Commission’s Covid response expert team, it is extremely difficult to calculate the death rate in the current pandemic. The Chinese epidemiologist said that the exact figure would be available only after the end of this epidemic.

Infection rate higher than expected

Zeng Guang, a former chief scientist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said that the rate of virus infection in China is higher than expected, which is making it difficult to control. According to an internal document of the Chinese CDC, between December 1 and December 20, about 240 million people corona virus were infected with. Asia Times reported that so far, the total number of Covid infections globally has reached around 660 million, while more than 6 million people have died.

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