Barcelona sexual abuse complaint against Dani Alves

5 January, Kathmandu. A complaint has been filed against the former defender of the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​Dani Alves, for sexual abuse in a night club in Barcelona.

Alves is currently playing professional football for Pumas, a Mexican club called Universidad Nacional. The court may call him for a statement for this incident.

According to news agency EFE, the victim filed a complaint with the police on the night of December 30, saying that a Pumas player touched her private parts against her will.

The girl went to Sutton nightclub in Barcelona with some of her friends. The victim and her friends told the police that they immediately informed the security officer of the nightclub about the incident.

The Barcelona police reached the nightclub and took the statements of the people related to the incident. The victim officially filed a complaint on January 2. After that, Alves has been pulled into the Barcelona police investigation.

The Barcelona police will now submit this complaint to the court. Until then, the former Barcelona player will have to tell the police all the information about the incident that happened that night.

After the incident, Alves has come to Mexico. Instead of forcing him to return to Barcelona, ​​the court can take a statement from there.

He had been accused of this before and the police had also questioned him. But after being acquitted of the charges, he announced in an Instagram post that he was going to return to Pumas.

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