Announcement of Savin Shrestha to be a candidate for the president of the Film Association

Kathmandu. Actor Savin Shrestha has announced his candidacy for the president of the Movie Artists Association. The convention of the association will be held in Kathmandu on the 4th of Chait. Talking to Online Khabar, Savin announced the agenda along with his candidacy for the presidency.

He has put forward the main agenda of uniting the artists from all over the country, enriching the artists association and helping the artists in every hardship.

‘He is not the only artist from Kathmandu. I unite artists from all over the country. And no one knows about the artist union. I will take the organization among all the artists,’ said Savin, ‘my candidacy is that a new generation should come to the artist association.’

He also said that he wanted to contribute to the film industry by becoming a ‘ballen’ of the artists’ association. Savin plans to make the agenda public soon. There is talk that veteran artist and current spokesperson Mohan Niraula will also run for the chairmanship in the upcoming elections of the artists association.

Talking about work, the movie ‘Balapan’ starring Savin is getting ready for release. The ‘Hero Returns’ produced by him was stopped due to the Covid lockdown, which has not been decided whether it will be released in OTT or in theaters.

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